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Anhui Chuzhou Institute of food and drug control successfully passed the instrument calibration work

in order to ensure the fairness of inspection data and lead the service of the laboratory machine industry to be more professional, thoughtful, meticulous and accurate, Chuzhou Institute of food and drug control in Yudu will cause higher or lower intensity values according to the continuity of inspection work and the periodicity of inspection instrument verification. On february28,2012, Chuzhou technical supervision and monitoring center was entrusted to inspect the atomic absorption fluorescence analyzer The ultraviolet spectrophotometer, balance, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, acidity meter and other types of instruments and equipment have been calibrated. In addition to the above 9 food contact materials and product standards, they have successfully passed the instrument calibration and inspection

through this instrument calibration, the Institute has further improved the operating skills of the testing personnel, verified the precision of instruments and equipment, strengthened the effective operation of the quality management system, ensured the accuracy and reliability of the test results, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth development of the laboratory qualification review

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