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Analysis on the transportation environment of float glass market from the ancient Silk Road to the West heaven, to today's "the Belt and Road", the concept of logistics runs through it. Logistics is composed of two basic elements of "material" and "flow", but it is not a simple combination. It also creates time value, place value and processing value. Transportation is the core of the overall logistics

for the float glass market, Shahe is an important production area. Over the years, relying on the advantages of low manufacturing cost and low transportation cost, the production areas have been exported far to all parts of the country (with the change of regional market, some regional periodic shipments have ended). The Shahe cargo source is mainly transported by automobile, and the freight is relatively low compared with other regions. There are three main reasons: first, Shahe glass manufacturers can replace spraying on some occasions, logistics companies are relatively concentrated, and there are enough trucks to transport glass for a long time; Second, since the beginning of this year, environmental protection has continued to increase. The supply of quartz sand and other raw materials in Hebei has been limited. The demand for external raw materials has increased. There are more goods to and from Fresenius (Germany), and the logistics company has continued to make good profits after obtaining the project; Third, after last year's strict inspection of overloading, the number of vehicles continued to increase under the tight supply, and there is a surplus at present. The above three aspects lead to greater pressure on logistics competition in Shahe region, and the automobile transportation cost is significantly lower than that in other regions

in addition to Shahe, central China, especially Hubei, has become another major production area of float glass at present due to its low cost (less pressure on environmental protection) and convenient and low-cost water transportation. The products are shipped to East China and southwest China through the Yangtze River Basin and shipped to South China by automobile. The high automobile transportation cost and the increase of automobile transportation cost in recent years have resulted in relatively small supply of goods transported to South China in recent years. More goods were delivered to Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions at a low price. After the sharp rise of automobile transportation prices last year, the water transportation prices did not follow the rise. The total water transportation fees and handling fees to Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions remained at 100 yuan/ton

in other regions, due to the relatively scattered manufacturers and the low pressure of logistics competition, automobile transportation can produce 3D models with high intensity and accurate precision through laser 3D printing technology, which is relatively expensive, but the consumption is also relatively good. At the same time, in recent years, the production capacity of the southwest region has continued to increase, its self supply capacity has increased, and its dependence on external sources of goods has continued to decline. At present, there is one source of goods in Central China. In addition to the above situation, there is only a small amount of goods from North China and Northwest China

in the past three years, the top three factors hindering the development of logistics enterprises are high labor cost, high tax burden and high land cost. The profit of logistics enterprises has declined significantly since last year. Supported by costs, zhuochuang believes that the freight of float glass will remain at a relatively high level in the future

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