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Evaluation and use: Angel water purifier home direct drinking water purifier j1205

Angel water purifier home direct drinking water purifier j1205-rob12 high end kitchen filter faucet

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use it for one month. Feeling: the water purifier is very good and looks tall, The purified water can be drunk directly, which is convenient and fast. The installation master was very careful. After installation, he explained the precautions. The technology, experimental methods, inspection rules, signs, labels, operation instructions, packaging, storage, transportation and other requirements of the rubber and plastic product quality inspection equipment. His attitude was particularly good. He made an appointment before visiting the door and took a shoe cover at the door. It was very standard, his attitude was very good, he explained patiently, and he would choose angel if necessary in the future, After all, it is a reliable and comfortable purchase for a big brand

evaluation after three months' use: Click to view

product parameters:

Product Name: angel/angel j1205-rob

water purifier brand: angel/angel

model: j1205-rob12

classification: water purifier water purifier

intelligent type: other

water related approval document approval No.: 00000

Article No.: j1205-rob12

color classification: Silver

working principle: reverse osmosis activated carbon ultrafiltration

filter element: activated carbon PPF cotton hollow fiber RO membrane


usage position: terminal water purification

efficacy: direct drinking

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