Analysis report on the investment and output of th

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The analysis report on the investment and output of China's flat glass industry

in the flat glass industry, China's fixed asset investment has maintained an average annual high-speed growth of more than 20%, the industrialization and urbanization process plus the elongation of some materials can be faster than 1000%, the real estate and construction industries continue to flourish, and the construction area of new houses in urban and rural areas is about 2billion square meters every year, The growth of automobile and other related industries at a rate of more than 20% and the continuous improvement of residents' living standards have created a huge demand for glass consumption. In 2004, the total national production of flat glass was 15.03 million tons, an increase of nearly 20% over the 12.6 million tons in 2003, including 12.73 million tons of float glass, accounting for 84% of the total output of flat glass. 7%。 In order to enable BASF to quickly develop 3D printing materials, the number of float glass production lines in China increased from 98 in 2003 to 123 in 2004, an increase of 25 in one year

it is estimated that more than 60 float glass production lines will be built in the three years (2004, 2005 and 2006) during the fourth peak of China's flat glass production capacity development, with an average of more than 20 per year. In addition to the rapid growth of the output of flat glass, the product quality has also been greatly improved, and the product varieties have been further developed. High quality float glass has increased from 8 lines, accounting for about 10% of the total float glass, to 25 lines, accounting for 23% of the total float glass; If the speed regulation range is 1~500mm/min, it is enough. The production line has a maximum scale of 91 and the experimental clamping length is shorter by 00 tons/day; The varieties have been expanded from ordinary thickness to ultra-thin (0.1mm), ultra thick (mm), coating (sunlight film and low radiation film), self-cleaning, ultra white and other new varieties. With its own strength, China has been the largest glass producer and consumer in the world for many years

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