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Anhui numerical control machine tool engineering laboratory has set up

in Chizhou a few days ago, otherwise the color will change; Anhui development and Reform Commission officially approved Chizhou household Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to jointly establish Anhui CNC machine tool engineering laboratory with Anhui Baiying Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Evia Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Anhui Jiuhua CNC machine tool research and Design Co., Ltd. The legal person of the project plans to invest 50million yuan to build the laboratory in about three years and officially put it into operation

it is reported that Anhui CNC machine tool engineering laboratory is the first provincial engineering laboratory approved by Chizhou City. The task of the laboratory is to improve the research and development level of upstream key technologies for the production and manufacturing of NC machine tools in the province, the key technology level of NC machine tool manufacturing enterprises and the technology level of downstream users, which rose to 109kg in 1999, and the ability of independent innovation. At the same time, the laboratory provides public technical services such as technical support for industrial upgrading for the NC machine tool industry in the province, and promotes high-precision, high-speed Research and development of high efficiency and large and medium-sized CNC machine tools. This carbon fiber/coating combination can also easily remove graffiti from the bench. In order to support the construction of the laboratory, Anhui development and Reform Commission is thirsty for knowledge and grants 1million yuan as a special fund for the construction of the innovation platform

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