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China's printing consumables market analysis report in 2006

I believe it is not too much to describe China's consumables enterprises in 2006 as "troubled times". In February, Epson filed a "337 investigation" complaint on the ground that Chinese enterprises infringed its ink cartridge patent; In August, HP once again pushed Chinese enterprises into the "337 investigation" dock on the grounds of patent infringement

within one year, two defendants mentioned general consumables, and all walks of life in China thought that dark clouds were gathering and rain was coming. Is it true that the general consumables are dying

the answer is obviously that China's plastic extruder market has made great progress and breakthrough. No

when we focus on GM manufacturers with concern, if we look at the original manufacturers with rational eyes, it is not difficult for us to find that, in fact, the original manufacturers should be in a real dilemma! Behind the frequent suppression of patents, there is nothing but the fear and weakness of the original manufacturers; Under the high-profile uproar, what is covered up is the original manufacturer's restlessness

this is the darkness before dawn. For the entire domestic printing consumables industry, general consumables has entered a strategic stalemate from passive defense, and a protracted "protracted war" that will profoundly change the industrial pattern is beginning

panic began to spread in the original camp

as we all know, the so-called patent war is just a war of interests

for a long time, original packaging manufacturers have taken advantage of their inherent advantages in printer production technology to control the pattern change of the consumables market for a long time, and wantonly raised the price. One ink cartridge costs twoorthree yuan, of which the profit is staggering. The excessive use cost has become a heavy burden for most users. According to the "national inkjet consumables user survey" conducted by the China consumables special committee, 86% of the users think that the price of original consumables is too high. Many users even have to limit the number of times the printer is used to reduce the printing cost

"this is not so much profiteering marketing as violent marketing;" Some analysts once accused that "although it can not see weapons or smoke of gunpowder, it is full of power and hegemony."

in sharp contrast, general consumables are of high quality and low price. According to the survey, at present, the general consumables in the market are generally 30%~70% cheaper than the original consumables, which is undoubtedly a great relief for users who have endured the oppression of the original high price for a long time, and have defected to the general camp for the fifth time. According to cbiresearch, the market share of general consumables in China has soared in recent years. By 2005, general consumables had captured 20% of the market share at one fell swoop, while only in the first two years, this figure was still 10%

in the international market, the victory of China's general consumables is even more remarkable. According to statistics, China's ink cartridge output accounts for more than 60% of the world, of which more than 80% is exported and 50% is sold to the United States; In 2005, the national ink cartridge production was about 400million, and the export was more than 300million. In addition, more than 90% of the world's color bands and 30% of the compatible laser drum cartridge components are made in China

from 0% to 10% to 20%, and in terms of the situation, this figure will continue, so it will also greatly reduce the capital expenditure and continue to expand - it is conceivable that it is a great deterrent and blow to the international giants who have always supported the financial annual report with huge profits

compared with the loss of 20% positions, perhaps their inner panic is more disturbing. They began to find that they were not as strong as they thought, and the barriers they built were not as strong as they thought

in addition to the market share, the counterattack from GE consumables in terms of technology and quality also makes the original manufacturers feel like they are in the back

for a long time, the original consumables have been promoting a "theory of poor quality of general consumables" by various means. In addition to the public opinion of denouncing and writing, they have also used the high-pressure sanctions of "no warranty for printer failures caused by users' use of general consumables" to instill the idea of poor quality of general consumables into users from speech to action

however, with the passage of time, the original manufacturers found that these criticisms gradually became "feeble". This is mainly due to the continuous breakthroughs of domestic manufacturers in technological innovation

the spokesman of primary color company, the leading manufacturer of domestic general consumables, clearly stated: "at present, due to the long circulation time of mainstream printer products in the market, the quality of their supporting general consumables products is basically the same as that of the original consumables."

in the face of increasingly losing technical advantages, the original manufacturer's new strategy is to speed up product updates. Sometimes a new product will be released in ten and a half days, so that the general manufacturer can not concentrate resources on research and development of corresponding products in a short time. In response, the spokesman of the primary color company said: "it is undeniable that at the beginning of the launch of a new generation of original consumables, general consumables really need an adaptation period; however, after the adaptation period, the consumables launched by the brand general manufacturers are by no means weaker than the original ones."

the reaction from the user is also unfavorable to the original manufacturer. The so-called facts speak louder than words. After using general consumables, more and more users find that the printing quality of general consumables is not as bad as the original manufacturers' claims, and even more comparable in recent years

in addition to the user's word of mouth, general consumables has adopted the "going out" strategy. It is reported that the primary color company recently held a "primary color summer trip · 2006 National on-site Printing Exhibition" spanning two months and covering more than 100 cities in China to show the product quality to users in a transparent way of on-site photography, on-site printing and on-site inspection. In response to the sanctions of "no warranty for printer failures caused by users' use of general consumables", the company had earlier set up a "warranty repair station" to undertake the maintenance of printer failures caused by the use of primary color consumables, thus making the original manufacturer's decision a dead letter. In addition to the primary color company, many other mainstream manufacturers have also taken measures such as holding national roadshows and participating in international printing technology and application exhibitions

these successive initiatives without exception must prove the fact that the quality of general consumables is trustworthy

just like the emperor's new clothes, the quality myth of the original consumables and the painstaking misleading public opinion suddenly fell to the ground

facing the continuous expansion of market share of competitors, the original packaging manufacturers are deeply worried; Faced with the rapid growth of competitors' technical level, the original manufacturers are deeply afraid; Faced with the doubts and departures of the majority of users, the original manufacturer is in a deep dilemma again - all this eventually converges into a raging panic and quickly spreads to the original camp. At this time, what can the original manufacturer do except take up the patent stick, the last weapon$ Page break $

the protracted war begins

since the frequent patent wars do not imply the "dying" of general consumables, but the original panic, will general consumables achieve a "quick victory"

the answer is also No

those who believe that the "337 investigation" will lead to "quick victory" if domestic enterprises win the lawsuit will commit the mistake of blindly belittling the enemy; Those who believe that events such as "the rejection of Epson's patent" mean that GE consumables has launched a counter offensive will surely make the mistake of arrogance and rashness; Those who place their hopes on one or two general-purpose manufacturers instead of relying on the support and recognition of general-purpose manufacturers and users will eventually commit the error of "heroism"

it is obvious that with the painstaking efforts of the original manufacturers in the field of consumables for decades, is it possible to defeat the victory of general consumables in a round or two? With years of strong technical accumulation in printer production and consumables R & D by original manufacturers, is it possible that oneortwo technological innovations of general consumables can be reversed

in fact, the dialectical point of view should be: the loss of original consumables in technology, market and popular support has rapidly narrowed the gap with general consumables, and their strength has increased substantially, resulting in the emergence of a new competition pattern - General consumables has entered a new historical stage of "protracted war", from passive defense to strategic stalemate

this stage will be protracted

three characteristics of the domestic consumables industry in the protracted war stage

at this stage, the domestic consumables industry will show the following characteristics:

first, the suppression of original consumables will continue, but the market share of general consumables will continue to rise

original consumables still occupy a large advantage, which will be maintained for a long time in the future; Just like the follow-up 337 survey, the original manufacturers will still maintain the suppression strategy in the future. However, both the strength and frequency will be lower and lower each time, and will also be sniped by GM manufacturers each time, until it finally becomes a regular competition. Correspondingly, the market share of general consumables will gradually rise

second, general consumables will gradually make technological breakthroughs and gradually get rid of the defendant's position

the main reason why general consumables are easily pushed into the dock by competitors today is the lack of independent technology. But that will change. In 2006, the central government proposed in the scientificoutlookondevelopment that "we should strengthen independent innovation and build an innovative country". At present, independent innovation has become a national enterprise development strategy, and general consumables are no exception. As far as the current situation is concerned, GM manufacturers have accumulated profound technology in the analysis and manufacturing of existing products. Driven by the trend of independent innovation, it is believed that they will make further major breakthroughs in innovation and R & D; In terms of core technologies such as the inkjet head of inkjet printer, the laser engine of laser printer, and the needle head of needle type printer except that the jaw is not concentric, I believe it will also be successfully mastered, so as to finally own its own patent right and restrict each other with the original manufacturer

third, counterfeit consumables will gradually decrease or even disappear

at present, counterfeit consumables account for about 30% of the market share. Such a huge amount is the most important target for users and consumables manufacturers. Based on the fact that the original consumables will gradually achieve a certain balance with the general consumables in the protracted war stage, the original manufacturers will gradually shift the target of suppression and completely lock in the fake consumables to carry out the eradication. From the perspective of the state and policies, the efforts to crack down on counterfeits and inferior products are increasing, which will undoubtedly help purify the entire market

three major reasons determine that general consumables will win the final victory.

the final victory of general consumables is a historical trend, determined by the consumer demand of all users, and not transferred by the monopoly will of original manufacturers

from the perspective of economics, every user has an inevitable demand to obtain reasonable services at a reasonable price. In the free environment of commodity economy, demand determines all market evolution. The "invisible hand" will consciously strengthen or weaken a certain force until it meets the demand, that is, the popularization and promotion of general consumables

from a sociological point of view, although original consumables are powerful

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