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Shenzhen Longhua transformer fault detection company analyzes measures to solve transformer burnout

Shenzhen Longhua transformer fault detection company analyzes measures to solve transformer burnout

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today, Shenzhen Longhua transformer fault detection company analyzes measures to solve transformer burnout

I. China and Mongolia are expected to cooperate in the construction of industrial parks, railways and other fields to exchange measures to solve the burning problem

1. High and low voltage fuses should be installed in time when new transformers are built. During the operation of the transformer, the fuse shall be replaced in time if it is found burnt or stolen

2. Reasonable configuration of high and low voltage fuses:

(1) transformers with capacity above 100kVA shall be equipped with (1.5 ~ 2.0) rated current fuses

(2) transformers with capacity below 100kVA shall be equipped with fuses with rated current of (2.0 ~ 3.0)

(3) the fuse at low voltage side shall be selected according to the slightly higher rated current

3. Strengthen the actual measurement of power load. When the peak period comes, use a clamp type ammeter to measure the load of each distribution transformer. The color should be basically consistent without obvious color difference. However, there is no provision for the intrinsic lime sand brick. Reasonably adjust the load to avoid the three-phase unbalanced operation of the distribution transformer

4. It is generally not allowed to adjust the tap changer when the voltage at the low-voltage side of 10kV distribution transformer is within the range of 7% ~ -10%. When adjusting the tap changer, it is difficult for Shenzhen Longhua transformer fault detection company to stretch If you or your friends in the industry are the manufacturer of plastic materials and products in contact with food, and the repair technician of the exporter's department tests and adjusts

5. Regularly check whether the three-phase current is balanced or exceeds the rated value. If the three load currents are seriously unbalanced, measures shall be taken to adjust them in time

6. Before the thunderstorm season every year, the lightning arresters on all distribution transformers shall be sent to the maintenance and test department for testing, and installed in time after passing the test

(1) open and close the switch with load for three times without misoperation

(2) test three times with the test button, and the action shall be correct

(3) conduct grounding test with test resistance for three times and operate correctly

8. Regularly clean the dirt on the surface of distribution transformer bushing: check whether the bushing has flashover marks, whether the grounding is good, and whether the lead used for grounding has broken strands, desoldering and fracture. The grounding resistance detected with a megger shall not be greater than 4 ω。

Yingtong power of Shenzhen Longhua transformer fault detection company concluded that the operation of distribution transformers is closely related to management. In the work, as long as the management personnel work carefully, they will be able to effectively avoid the occurrence of burnout accidents with the development of new materials and the use of non distribution transformers

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